The goal of Van Dyke Strength is to push the envelope of human development and performance in respect to athletic competition and sport sciences, all designed to assist athletes in reaching new levels of success. We define success by transforming each individual into a more powerful and efficient competitor in their respective event. We strongly believe there is a difference between simply exercising and the training protocols we develop.


Contributing Authors to Van Dyke Strength

Matt Van Dyke, SCCC, M.S.

Cal Dietz, CSCS, M. Ed.

Matt Shaw, M. Ed., CSCS, RSCC, SCCC, 3DMAPS

Clayton Oyster, CSCS, USAW, M.S.

Zac Brouillette, SCCC, USAW, FMS, M.S.

Brett Bueker, SCCC, M. Ed.


Aaron Droege, CSCS, USAW

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