Elite Training System

GPP + Basic Strength Block + Triphasic Peaking Training Program

Cost: $160
Duration: 25-28 weeks

The Elite Training System is designed for the ultimate athlete. It begins with the Energy System Development Block to increase an athlete’s ability to produce high-intensity efforts continuously. The High-Quality Strength Training Block is then utilized to increase foundational levels of strength. Finally, the Triphasic Peaking Training Program is implemented to train every athlete to transfer their foundational strength into the most usable form on the competition field, SPEED. This program can be individualized based on every athlete’s needs and requirements. Every program is hyperlinked and includes instructions to guarantee simple and efficient completion. This long-term developmental program is based on the same principles implemented with elite professional and collegiate level athletes and leads to optimal performance on the field.

 Jax_pre_-_year_two.jpg                Pre-Elite Training System (Winter 2016)               Post-Year 1 Elite Training System (Fall 2016)      Post-Year 2 Elite Training System (Fall 2017)

"With the goal of preparing my teenage son for Texas High School football I was lucky to discover Matt and Van Dyke Strength. I was blown away with the results. Under Matt's guidance and the customized plan he created,  my son Jax gained 16 pounds of muscle, increased his bench and squat by nearly 25% while increasing his speed, flexibility and explosiveness in 3 1/2 months. I highly  recommend Matt to any athlete or parent of an athlete searching for a safe and innovative performance training  program."

Age: 14
Pre-Weight: 142              Post-Weight: 158
Strength Development
Pre-Back Squat: 205        Post-Back Squat: 265
Pre-Bench Press: 135      Post-Bench Press: 175
Pre-Hang Clean: 125       Post-Hang Clean: 150

"Jax has now completed his second year of the "Elite Training System" and has continued to develop at an astonishing manner. This is due in large part to the training he is completing through Matt's guidance and planning. He is entering this upcoming season prepared at a high level due to these training programs and will continue to utilize these methods throughout the upcoming season."

Age: 15
Current Weight: 196
Post-Year 2 Strength Development
Current Back Squat: 400
Current Bench Press: 275
Current Hang Clean: 245
40 Yard Dash: 4.80 (University of Texas Football Camp)

           -Brian M.