Info on the Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual and purchasing options are now available at the links below (Hard copy only at this time)

Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual (Both Hard Copy and E-Book)

Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual (Hard Copy)

Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual (E-Book)

Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual (Excerpts)

YouTube Channel Videos


Glute Layering Part I

Glute Layering Part II

Sportsmith Contributions 

Athlete Testing: Evaluation of More than Just Athletes

Sportsmith Performance Podcast: Triphasic, Performance Pillars, & Choosing the Right Athlete Assessments

Just Fly Performance Postings

Just Fly Performance Podcast #22

The Autoregulated In-Season Hybrid Training Model for Peak Performance

Just Fly Performance Podcast #60

Historic Performance Podcast discussing the glute layering model, the six physical performance qualities, along with residuals of training

Historic Performance Podcast #70

Info on the Triphasic Tactical Training Manual and purchasing options are now available at the links below (Hard copy only at this time)

Triphasic Tactical Training Manual (Purchase)

Triphasic Tactical Training Manual Info (Excerpts)

Triphasic Tactical Program Builder (Single User)

Triphasic Tactical Program Builder Instructions (Part 1)

Triphasic Tactical Program Builder Instructions (Part 2)

Triphasic Tactical Program Builder Instructions (Part 3)

2018 University of Texas Athletics and Performance Clinic

Training for Optimal Power Development

2017 NSCA Midwest Regional Conference on The Glute Layering Model download available below

The Glute Layering Model

2015 CSCCa Presentation with hyperlinks on Triphasic Training download available below

Advanced Triphasic Training Methods Presentation

Advanced Triphasic Training Methods Slides 

US Lacrosse Magazine 

US Lacrosse Magazine Feature, Train Fast: Play Fast, Denver's Gym Rat Connor Cannizzaro

2015 Minnesota Sport Performance Clinic presentation download available below

Biochemical Adaptations to Training

2014 Minnesota Sport Performance Clinic presentation download available below

Understanding Blood Lactate to Optimize Training and Performance 

Example GPP worksheets are each hyperlinked and displayed below

3-D Aerobic Contralateral Circuit

Aerobic Contralateral Circuit

Sandbell Metabolic Circuit

VO2 GPP Plate + Run Circuit

Superendurance Workout

Glute Activation Level 1 Progression

Glute Activation Level 2 Progression

Glute Activation Level 3 Progression

Glute Activation Level 4 Progression

Glute Activation Level 5 Progression

Aerobic Conditioning Sheets

Glycolytic Conditioning Sheets

Alactic Conditioning Sheets

Quad Activation Level 1 Progression

Core Series 1

Core Series 2

Core Series 3

Core Series 4

Core Series 5

Core Series 6 

Download the E-Book "High School Training Manual" with the link below

Xlathlete Triphasic Training High School Strength Training Manual

Proper mobility has become a crucial factor in injury prevention. Check out some basic movements to assist in feeling fresh, especially post-training and/or during the competitive season.

Foam Roller and Lacrosse Ball Mobility Exercises

Band Mobility Series

Static Mobility Exercises

Voodoo Band Mobility Exercises

Are you aware of all the stressors in your life that may be reducing your performance? There may be more factors involved than you think, from both exercise and everyday life. See what the causes of uncontrolled stress are here.

Stress: The Silent Killer of Gains

View the article below written by Cal Dietz and myself on the implementation of triphasic training as the cover page on the September issue of Training and Conditioning Magazine

Balance of Power

Two Great articles on nutrition that are applicable to any athlete looking to improve performance

What 15 Years of Trying to "Eat Healthy" Has Taught Me

Nutrition for the Busy Student-Athlete

Attached with the link below is an exceptional article that demonstrates the optimal ways to maximize speed as well as skill development and learning 

Speed and Skill Optimization - A Proposal for a New Practice Paradigm 

General Dynamic Warm Up

Located above is a general dynamic warm up that can be used by athletes of all levels before a training session. These movements are designed to warm up muscles and increase blood flow. 

Linear Speed Dynamic Warm Up

Located above is a dynamic warm up designed specifically for linear speed days. This warm up not only warms up the muscles and increases blood flow, but it also contains technique specific work to prepare athletes for linear speed running days. 

Change of Direction Dynamic Warm Up

Located above is a dynamic warm up designed specifically for change of direction days. This warm up not only warms up the muscles, specifically of the hip girdle, and increases blood flow, but it also prepares the athlete for the demands of Change of direction running days.

Nutrient Timing for Proper Recovery

Muscle glycogen is needed for rapid energy usage, and becomes depleted after a high intensity training session. Rapid glycogen re-synthesis and protein synthesis are crucial for proper recovery in athletes of all types, particularly for those with practice and lifting sessions within the same day. If an athlete does not take proper actions within the first few hours, particularly in the area of nutrition, optimal gains due to training adaptations cannot be expected. 

The timing of the nutrients, as well as the actual nutrients taken, is highly important for proper recovery post-training. In order to achieve your maximal gains your goals as an athlete must be to spare glycogen and protein break down as much as possible during training, shift the body from a catabolic to an anabolic stage as rapidly as possible, and then continue to promote protein synthesis throughout the remainder of the day until your next training session. These goals can be accomplished by supplementing carbohydrate and protein contained within whole foods throughout your training session. Utilizing a high-glycemic carbohydrate as well as protein in a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio respectively immediately after training, and then continuing to supplement your body with a proper diet throughout the day will allow for maximal adaptations and performances.

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