Energy System Development Training Block (GPP)

Cost: $20
Duration: 5 Weeks

This training block consists of energy system development and serves to improve the ability of every athlete to recover and repeat high-intensity events, such as sprinting and cutting. The aerobic, or endurance, system also forms the foundation of all other performance qualities (strength, power, and endurance), this can be seen in the pyramid example below. This training is designed for athletes of all ages and can be completed on a 3, up to 5, day per week schedule, based on individual desires. Every program is hyperlinked and includes instructions to guarantee simple and efficient completion. Without the proper training of this system no other skills required in sports can truly be optimized.  An example of the importance of the Energy System Development Training Block can be seen in the image below, in which two athletes are shown. Both begin at the same fitness levels at the beginning of play/training (top black dotted line). However, the athlete on the left has not been trained in the Energy System Development Training Block, while the athlete on the right has been trained. For demonstration purposes, both athletes experience the exact same six high-intensity sprint situations. Each high-intensity situation, is represented in this figure by a decrease in sprint speed. It is common knowledge that as a player fatigues, their ability to run at high speeds is diminished. However, the trained athlete, on the right, declines at a much slower rate (green dotted line) than the athlete on the left (red dotted line). This improved performance is due to his optimally trained energy systems, which leads to his ability to recover at a higher rate between every high-intensity sprint. Athletes trained in this block will be able to perform with a higher quality (faster sprinting, agility, etc.) for a greater extent of time.