The goal of Van Dyke Strength is to push the envelope of human development in respect to athletic competition and to assist athletes in reaching new levels of success. We accomplish this by not simply placing importance upon making athletes bigger and stronger, but rather to transform each individual into a better moving, more functional, and more efficient competitor in their respective event. We strongly believe there is a difference between simply exercising and the training protocols we develop. Every training session completed with our athletes is designed to improve a specific quality based on their individual needs. We determine which quality to be trained based off of the block periodization method and the residual effects of each quality. This block method allows all qualities to be peaked simultaneously, which leads to a more powerful and proficient athlete. Van Dyke Strength combines the block method of training with Triphasic Training. In past experiences we have found this to be our most valuable option to increase our athlete’s maximal strength, power, as well as rate of force development and reactiveness. We utilize this explosive training model, which improves the above qualities, while also using training to improve vision, cognitive reasoning, and many more to create the most well-rounded, explosive athlete possible.