TB9 Advanced Training Program

Strength Block + Triphasic Block + Power Block


Cost: $80

Duration: 16 Weeks

Van Dyke Strength has paired with TB9 Faceoff training to provide training to advanced lacrosse athletes looking to enhance their faceoff play. This program is designed to incorporate the physical training required to play high-level lacrosse at the high school level.  This program is intended for athletes with a base level of strength and movement competency in the weight room and is sixteen weeks in length.

These sixteen weeks are broken into multiple training phases, each designed to build upon each other and create an athlete capable of tolerating the demands of the game at a high level. Strength Training Block is then utilized to increase foundational levels of strength. Finally, the Triphasic Peaking Training Program is implemented to train every athlete to transfer their foundational strength into the most usable form on the competition field, SPEED.

Every program is hyperlinked and includes instructions to guarantee simple and efficient completion. This long-term developmental program is based on the same principles implemented with elite professional and collegiate level athletes and leads to optimal performance on the field.

As there are prescribed training loads for exercises are multiple options in this training model. These options and the numbers that correlate with a back squat and bench press one rep max are provided below. Please select the option that best fits your current training level.

Advanced Intro Back Squat: 135 Bench Press: 105
Advanced Intro-Moderate Back Squat: 185 Bench Press: 135
Advanced Moderate Back Squat: 225 Bench Press: 185
Advanced Moderate-Heavy Back Squat: 275 Bench Press: 205
Advanced Heavy Back Squat: 315 Bench Press: 225

Van Dyke Strength and TB9 Training repeatedly suggest focusing on sound, quality movement skills over the increase of loading.

*Please purchase your desired program on a computer as the PDF generated will only be available from that device. From there downloading and printing options will be available.

Please email: mvd.tb9strength@gmail.com with any questions.