Triphasic Peaking Training Program

Cost: $100
Duration: 12-15 weeks

This training program is built on the principles of the Triphasic Training Block and progresses to peak athletes for their competition. The Triphasic Peaking Training Program incorporates all muscle action phases to maximize their strength and then transfers that strength into the most usable form of power and then speed.

Power: The majority of sports are played all the way to the right of the image shown below (with light-loads, and high-velocities). Maximal strength was trained in the eccentric, isometric, and reactive blocks, which are all the way to the left of the curve, and not very as specific to sport. Power is trained to translate the strength gained in previous blocks into power production.

 Speed: This block is used to peak athletes prior to competition. At this time only highly explosive movements are trained, as these are most similar to the actions used in the majority of sports. Referring to the force-velocity curve below, the speed block maximizes transfer of training and optimally prepares athletes specifically for the high-velocity nature of sports. Only when each of the previous training blocks have been trained appropriately can optimal performance of the athlete occur.

This program is designed for the advanced athlete who can absorb and produce high-levels of force and can be individualized based on every athlete’s needs. Every program is hyperlinked and includes instructions to guarantee simple and efficient completion. This program takes the strength built in the training of each muscle action and then creates power and speed in the most similar fashion they are produced in sport.