Strength and Conditioning Testimonials

“As parents of a competitive adolescent boy, our number one concern was his safety and that he learns proper fitness technique. Through the LXTC Strength and Conditioning program led by Matt Van Dyke, we have been thoroughly impressed with how Matt merges his knowledge of strength, conditioning, nutrition, and wellbeing with the game of lacrosse. Most importantly, we are grateful for Matt’s genuine concern for our son and his lacrosse progress.”


“Working out with Matt Van Dyke is awesome! I joined the LXTC Strength and Conditioning program last summer because I had an injury resulting from overuse. Since working out with Matt, I have made huge improvements in my movement, speed, and strength. He makes the hard workouts fun! I feel stronger and more confident on the field.”


My son really enjoys your training program and looks forward to going every week.  He has stated that you make it fun and it doesn't feel like a workout.  He's currently playing box (some games in the field and some as goalie) and I have noticed a dramatic change in his speed when he's in the field.  I would highly recommend this training program to all athletes.  In the short time that he has been attending, he has made tremendous progress with his foot work.   


My son has really liked training with you and we would really like for it to continue. He's had a great experience and loves working with you.  We've seen a noted difference in his strength and definitely have noticed changes in his muscle tone and definition. We hope that the program will be available going forward.


I really like these sessions as they help build muscle and strength more broadly and uniformly across the body.  That helps prevent overuse injuries as it supports and takes pressure off of the isolated muscles used repetitively on the field.  The strength and agility exercises you do improve footwork and running technique, and thus speed! Matt, thanks so much for your commitment to the boys--Looking forward to the weeks ahead. 


My son has really benefitted and enjoyed the workouts. Not only is the price is in line with other local gyms and training facilities but the convenience with practice schedules is perfect!  The program was well suited for his age and physical abilities combining speed work and conditioning on the field and strength work in the gym.  Another added benefit to the program was your understanding of the DE coaching philosophies and physical goals for the teams. We appreciated that you were able to understand the physical demands of the practices and integrate a conditioning program that would help to avoid injuries while improving my son’s overall strength and abilities. Definitely worth the money and time invested and is a value added benefit to the DE program.  Many thanks for your time and energy!