Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual (Van Dyke, Dietz)

All performance coaches have one ultimate desire, to create the ultimate athlete. One that is powerful, yet resilient according to the physical demands of their sport. The Triphasic Lacrosse Training Manual was created to allow optimal performance to be achieved in any repeat-sprint sport from a physical preparation standpoint. Lacrosse, due to its fast-paced and physical gameplay, requires all competitors to achieve a high-level of proficiency in many skills. The authors have taken the physical requirements of lacrosse, which are similarly required in almost all field based sports, and broken them into six “physical performance qualities”. These six qualities cover each of the energy systems within every person, and also three qualities aimed at improving force levels. In order to display the physical proficiency required by any repeat-sprint athlete, each of these six physical qualities must be appropriately trained.




  •  Over 300 pages of content
  • Introduction and implementation of the "Glute Layering Model"
  • "6 physical performance qualities"
  • Multiple methods and principles
    • Quality vs. capacity training
    • Multi-dimensional training
    • Block training
    • RFD training (with force plate results)
  • Fully Referenced throughout
  • Annual plan demonstrating all of these methods
    • 200+ Training sessions within annual plan, fully hyperlinked in e-book version