Officiating Off-Season Training System

GPP  Strength+ Basic Strength Block + Triphasic Peaking Training Program

Cost: $175
Duration: 26 weeks

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Van Dyke Strength has paired with the USA Hockey Officiating Developmental Program to bring training to upcoming officials in the hockey realm. This program has been created specifically for the requirements of these unique athletes that must "play" at a consistent high-level while also maintaining mental clarity to optimize game-changing decisions/calls. This system begins with two blocks of strength training. The first to enhance an athlete’s ability to produce high-intensity efforts continuously, while the second strength training block is then utilized to increase foundational levels of strength. Finally, the Triphasic Peaking Training Program is implemented to train every athlete to transfer their foundational strength into the most usable form for these athletes, Power & Speed. Throughout each of these training phases, energy system development is implemented in an appropriate fashion. Ultimately allowing these athletes to complete entire games at high speeds, while maintaining their mental clarity. always, this program can be individualized based on every athlete’s needs and requirements. Every program is hyperlinked and includes instructions to guarantee simple and efficient completion. This program consists of all factors required to officiate at an elite level in hockey. 


“Matt took the time to learn my goals and the best way to get the most out of my workouts. He explained what was expected of me to hit my personalized numbers. He takes the time to explain any questions you have related to the workouts and nutrition to increase my performance in the weight room and the way it will translate to the ice. In the short time that I have been working with Matt I have definitely seen noticeable increases in my strength.”

-Rhodes Dolan

“Matt took the time to discuss my individual needs and how to best address them through his triphasic training platform. He was instrumental in working with me to have me ready to compete for a spot as a player in the NAHL. His program has since been an exceptional method which I've had excellent results from as I transitioned to becoming an Official.”

-Sam Rankin

"I started the Official's Off-Season Training Program 9 weeks before attending to USA Hockey's High Performance Camp.  While at camp, I took first place on the pacer test with a score of 12.11, finished the full 4 minute plank cycle, and ran the pro-agility test in 5.12 seconds.  At the conclusion of camp, I was selected to referee the U16 National Development Camp All-Star Game and was chosen as the recipient of the Preparedness Award.  Aside from performance, I've put on 2 pounds in 9 weeks and dropped my body fat percentage by about 3.5%.  This success was due in large part to Coach Van Dyke's guidance and programming."

-Riley Y.